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Grid Master - Asia's first motorsport-focused daily fantasy app is here!

Brace yourself for an immersive experience this upcoming racing season that goes beyond the ordinary—it's motorsport magic, created by fans for fans,

right here in India.


Daily Fantasy, Daily Thrills!

Say goodbye to season-long fantasy gaming!

Grid Master adds excitement to every race weekend by allowing you to create the best fantasy team and win after every session over a grand prix weekend.

Experience the heartbeat of motorsports. Compete for glory, chasing not only monetary rewards but also exclusive motorsport treasures! 🏁🏆✨


Epic Rewards Await!

Cash is just the beginning!

Picture this: gleaming mini helmets, official merchandise, F1 car scale models, and a treasure trove of motorsport memorabilia are up for grabs.

Win more than just a contest—win a piece of racing history!


Stay in the Fast Lane!

Don't miss a beat! Be the first to know about our latest features,

thrilling launches, and insider details.

Download the app now and you’ll be forefront of the Grid Master revolution.

LEARN to Stay in the Fast Lane! 

Unlock the thrill of learning through fantasy gaming at

Grid Master!

Our unique 'game format' transforms the learning process into gamified excitement.

Whether you're a new fan diving into this new world of motorsport or an avid enthusiast, we're here to educate and entertain like never before. Let the fun begin!


Your journey starts the moment you join us!"

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Ignite Your Fantasy. Fuel Your Passion.

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