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  • How should I download the Grid Master App?
    There are 3 ways in which you can download the Grid Master app. ● Head to on your desktop or mobile browser and enter your mobile number to get the download link ● If you're an iOS user, you can also search for ‘Grid Master’ in the App Store and download the app ● If you are an android user, you can also search for the 'Grid Master' on the Play Store and download the app
  • What all kinds of Motorsports are included?
    We start with F1 for now and later include MotoGP, Formula E and also Indian home grown racing leagues.
  • How do I get my winnings?
    Cash Reward - A successfully processed withdrawal request via IMPS should get credited almost instantly or within 3 working days. NEFT should get credited within 3 working days for more details, see this question posted on our helpdesk. Motorsport Goodie Box (only for winners) - Once your KYC details are confirmed, anticipate receiving your motorsport goodie box via local courier within 20-25 days.
  • How can I delete my account from Grid Master app?
    After you login into the app, from "My info and settings" section, you can submit a delete account request. Deleting request will be executed within 15 working days. Within these 15 days, user should utilise balance in wallet or Grid Coins in wallet or withdraw the winnings. Should the user not withdraw withdrawn your winnings or utilise the balance in your wallet, the same will be elapse after 15 days. Grid Master may reach out to the user to understand their concern in order to improve the app. User can withdraw their deletion request within these 15 days. After these 15 days, the user’s account will be successfully deleted and all the user data associated with the user’s account will also be deleted with immediate effect.
  • What is Motorsport Fantasy Gaming?
    Motorsport Fantasy gaming is a strategy-based online motorsport game where you can create a virtual team of real drivers and constructors, playing in live races worldwide. You earn points and win cash prizes based on the performances of these drivers and teams in actual races.
  • Which type of contests can I join?
    There are mainly two types of contest; Public and Private Under Public: We have three types of contest A) Only Qualifying-Day Contest: Deadline; 30 mins before the qualifying session begins. Entry fee: Rs. 50/team B) Only Race-Day Contest: Deadline; 30 mins before the race begins. Entry fee: Rs. 50/team C) Qualiday + Race Day Contest: Deadline; 30 mins before the qualifying session begins. Entry fee: Rs. 100/team In above contests maximum of 7 teams are allowed per user per contest. Under Private: We have a “Winner takes it all” contest. (Qualifying + Race Day type of contest) Here 5/7 players are permitted to enter a contest with Minimum entry Rs. 1500/each and Maximum entry fee: Rs. 5000. Excluding the platform fee (from the total pot) the remaining pot goes to one user whose team has scored the maximum points amongst the other teams in that particular contest. Create your Master teams and join any public or/and private contests at Grid Master. We will introduce head-to-head and other types of private leagues shortly. You can also choose to join paid contests by paying the contest entry amount or hone your skills by entering practice contests before you compete with others.
  • How are the points calculated at Grid Master?
    Grid Master points system is calculated on the basis of the performance of the racer and the constructor in an actual race.
  • How will the recent GST tax effect on my game play?
    What are the changes in Govt. Tax (GST) from 1st October 2023? Gridmaster comply with the new 28% Government Tax (GST). GST will now be applicable on deposits. But don't worry; you can still join contests with the entire amount you add. For example, if you add Rs. 100, you will be able to play for the full Rs. 100. What changes when you add cash?
  • How android users can download the app?
    Android application is published on Indus Appstore . Follow the instructions to install the Indus Appstore. Then search for Grid Master within Indus Appstore and install the Grid Master android app.
  • Is it Safe to add money to the Grid Master wallet?
    Adding money to your Grid Master wallet is both simple and safe. We have many different payment options enabled on Grid Master to ensure that your personal details are safe with us. What's more? After you verify your personal details, you can withdraw the money that you win on Grid Master directly to your bank account.

Frequently asked Questions

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