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What is Fair Play?

Fair play ensures equality for all playing on Grid Master, offering a secure and trusted platform whereparticipants uphold sportsmanlike conduct.Grid Master retains the authority to take action against users found violating our terms and disrupting fairplay. Consequences may include withholding winnings, suspending or deactivating accounts, seizingDreamCoins, and pursuing legal action.

How we ensure transparency and fairness for all our users

1. Each user receives a maximum of 100 million virtual funds to build their fantasy racing team.
2. Access to statistical data from 2018 to 2023 within the app empowers users to

refine their evaluations.
3. The team building strategy is accessible to all users via the blog section on the website.
4. All users are required to submit their fantasy racing teams prior to the

respective contest deadlines.
5. All users can access each other's winning teams on the leaderboard once the match is finished.
6. The Grid Master Point Scoring System is prominently outlined in both the resources section of the website and the rules section of the app.
7. The winnings corresponding to the leaderboard ranks are announced prior to the commencement of each Grand Prix contest.
8. All winnings are swiftly processed and credited to the respective accounts.
9. The live race data, used for awarding points to every fantasy racing team, is sourced from reliable feeds provided by reputable service providers.
10. The breakdown of fantasy points earned by each driver and team in every Grand Prix is available in the Results section of the website.


At Grid Master, trust is a foundational pillar.

We rigorously follow these principles to maintain user trust

1. Grid Master winnings are only transferable to verified accounts, which require valid
government-issued ID proof, such as a PAN Card and bank account details.
2. Grid Master does not retain any credit/debit card information.
3. Grid Master uses 3-D secure authentication to ensure the safety and security of all transactions.
4. Grid Master employees are prohibited from participating in public paid contests.
5. Grid Master is a legal, skill-based platform in compliance with Indian laws and a member of AIGF, the apex body for online skill gaming in India. AIGF promotes global best practices, self-regulation,and responsible gaming for its members, ensuring player protection.
6. Accessible support fosters trust and enhances security in our relationship. Rest assured, we're consistently available for any inquiries or assistance you may require.
7. All personal data undergoes encryption and is solely utilized for legal verification on Grid Master. We maintain strict confidentiality and do not share it with external parties or vendors.
8. Grid Master employs a combination of automated algorithms and manual review processes to detect fraudulent behavior in games.
9. In the event of FairPlay violations or breaches of terms and conditions, winnings may be withheld or redistributed.
10. In the event of a user violation, Confiscation of Winnings, Grid Coins and any associated discounts will be enforced.
11. At Grid Master's discretion and based on the severity of the offense, temporary bans of varying durations (e.g., 1 day or 7 days) may be imposed in certain cases.

Throughout this period, you will be unable to participate in games or withdraw cash while under suspension.

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