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Every ‘racing fantasy team’ you build on Grid Master has to have 2 Drivers & 1 constructor. You can submit multiple teams in each contest.

Player Combinations

Your Grid Master team can have different combinations of drivers and constructors, but has to be within the 100 million Virtual money and must qualify the following team selection criteria: 

  1. No two drivers from the same real-world team can be part of your fantasy racing team.
    Ex: You cannot select both Lando and Oscar as drivers for your team.

  2. One driver and the constructor from the same real-world team can be paired as part of your fantasy team.

         Ex: You can have a combination of Lando and McLaren or Oscar and McLaren as part of your fantasy racing team.

Turbo Driver

Once you have selected your team (2 drivers + 1 constructor), you will have to assign a turbo driver for your team. The turbo driver will give you 2x points scored by them in the actual race

Prediction Challenge

To successfully submit their teams, every user must answer a set of prediction questions based on their driver and constructor choices. These questions are qualifying and race-related and test users’ analytical, research, and decision-making qualities in addition to the absolute game/sports awareness. 

Furthermore, this will help a new/casual fan to understand the sport better.
Ex: Which lap your driver will make his fastest lap (72 lap race) of the race?
Predicted answer: 65
Actual answer: 70
Difference: 5 (So your driver will be rewarded 7 extra points as per the Grid Master prediction-range points system. For further details, refer to the points section)

Step wise representation to make a fantasy racing team on Grid Master:

STEP 1:     Choose Driver 1 (From possible 20 drivers) 
STEP 2:    Choose Driver 2 (From possible 19 drivers now)
STEP 3:    Choose a Constructor (From possible 10 constructors) 
STEP 4:    Choose a Turbo Driver (from the two drivers you select in your own team) 
STEP 5:    Answer Prediction Questions based on the drivers selected (4 Nos)
STEP 6:     Answer Prediction Question based on the constructor selected (1Nos)  
STEP 7:    Submit your final team. 
STEP 8:     Make another team. (Multiple teams in each contest are permitted)

Types of Contest from Pot Distribution POV

  • Flexible Contest: The Prize Pool for the contest continues to grow as more teams join. The contest proceeds even if just three teams join (which means no cancellation even if all spots aren't filled).

  • Sure Shot Top 10 Contest: The contest proceeds only if 100 teams join (For Bahrain GP & Saudi GP) (which means the contest will be canceled if less than 100 spots are filled).The Prize Pool for only Top10 remains constant.

Deadlines & Maximum teams:
  1. Qualifying - Day Contest (Public & Flexible): 
    1.1   Deadline - 30 min before the qualifying session
    1.2  Maximum teams per contest per manager - 7
    1.3  Minimum teams for the contest to go ahead.

  2. Quali + Race Day Contest (Public & Flexible):
    2.1  Deadline - 30 min before the qualifying session. 
    2.2 Maximum teams per contest per manager - 7
    2.3 Minimum 3 teams for the contest to go ahead.

  3. Winner takes it all (Public & Flexible): It's a Quali + Race Day type of a contest
    3.1  Deadline - 30 min before the qualifying session. 
    3.2 Maximum teams per contest per manager - 1
    3.3 Minimum 2 teams for the contest to go ahead and Maximum of 5 managers can enter the contest. As soon as 5 slots are filled we will update a new contest for the same.

  4. Quali + Race Day Contest (Public & Sure Shot Top10):

4.1 Deadline - 30 min before the qualifying session.
4.2 Maximum teams per contest per manager - 7
4.3 Minimum 100 teams for the contest to go ahead

Generic Rules:
  1. The final results and payouts from a Grand Prix will be available within 5 days after the race weekend concludes. This reserve period allows for the application of any penalties during or after the race, if necessary.

  2. In a public contest, a minimum of 3000 teams is required for the contest to proceed for that particular race weekend. If we do not reach this threshold, the contest will be discontinued, and the money for the submitted teams will be refunded to their respective wallets.

  3. In a private contest ('Winner takes it all'), a 30% platform fee will be deducted, with the remaining balance awarded to the winner (finishing P1 in the contest).

  4. We get all our stats from Motorsports Stats (MSS), the world's leading motorsport data provider. However, in case there is a clear error from our provider's end, we may modify the stats.

  5. Once a race has been marked as completed and winners have been declared, no further adjustments will be made to the points awarded. Points awarded for a LIVE race will be subject to change only when the race status is “In Progress” or “In Review”

Point Calculations

A defined point scoring system is devised to prepare the winning positions.
Please refer below point calculations for more details.
Point Calculations
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